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Each week we’re flooded with more information than our human brains were ever supposed to intake. We’re supposed to clutch onto the latest information in politics, health, technology, sports, entertainment. All too often, we forget to reflect on the things which are important to us.

The Minimum Weekly is a quick TLDR of the top points from the past week of the minimum man; here’s this week’s rundown:

Thoughts on Gift Giving

Considering minimal gift giving has been a big part of the last week. With Christmas incoming, many of us may have been frantically buying and wrapping until we find ourselves wishing for the holiday season to be over. If we can reconsider gifts as not necessarily material items, then we can become more intentional and sustainable in our gift giving.

Thoughts on Decluttering

With New Year on the horizon, and with a universal sense of longing for a year which isn’t 2020, a lot of us are considering decluttering in a big way before 2021. It can be easy to see decluttering as a solely physical activity, but by instead considering it as a psychological exercise as well, we can better handle the varying emotions which arise during decluttering.

Thoughts on Social Media

After a year of distant communication, primarily via screens, perhaps we’ve come to mostly feel grateful for social media. But it’s still important to consider which aspects of social media work for us, and which don’t. If you find yourself overly attached to social media, then deleting apps might be the right route for you, if it’s not the product but the people, then it’s time to amend your friends list.

What are your highlights from the past week?

Featured image: Flemming Fuchs via Unsplash.

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