An image of two dumbbells and a resistance band on a wood floor.


New Year, New You? The stores are ablaze with sportswear and supplements, home gym equipment is on sale in catalogues. The usually silent midwinter streets are interrupted by the familiar tapping of brand new trainers on tarmac which echoes and then fades out sometime around March.

After New Year, everyone is looking for something, for some way to change the very fabric of their being. What better way, than health? Making resolutions to ourselves and others, many of us are swept up by the allure of a fleeting obsession- resistance bands, dumbbells we can’t yet lift, yoga mats which will sit untouched. We’re certain that we’ll get on with our new fitness regimen, once we get that new pair of trainers, once we have the equipment.

The potential for a minimal fitness routine has been there all along, yet we push it back, limit ourselves with the promise of stuff to make us capable, to make us motivated.

Here’s a rundown of what you actually need to build a minimal fitness plan:


If you’ve made a resolution to ‘exercise more’ but you don’t fully understand your own motivation for this resolution, then how can you expect yourself to commit to it? Write yourself a few notes on why you want to exercise more, exercise differently, or build a more effective fitness plan. Perhaps you want to be outdoors more often, in which case a gym membership or home workout plan isn’t the option for you but perhaps hiking or trail running is. Perhaps you want to develop strength, or stamina, or both. Perhaps you want to exercise with friends. Every individual’s motivation for fitness is different, and so everyone’s plan should look different too.

Digital Resources

An exercise mat costs a fair price, takes up a corner of a room, and is often forgotten after a matter of weeks- but a digital resource costs nothing, takes up no space, and may change your entire concept of fitness. From finding the proper form for body weight exercises, to detailed plans on how to build up running stamina, there are digital resources on just about every form of fitness. By cross-referencing and finding the things which work for you, digital resources can be a simple and effective part of your minimal fitness routine.

Understanding Your Body

Sound obvious? Many of us simply don’t know our capabilities- it can be tempting to try and fast track our fitness, lifting too heavy, running to fast or too far, using equipment incorrectly. It’s important to understand your body, to know your limits and your strengths. Using body weight exercises is a good test of stamina and strength. Remember that building an initial fitness plan is part of a longer, lifetime goal. Fitness isn’t something which happens to you, it’s something which you curate for yourself, in which you develop your weak points and build on your strengths.

What will your minimal fitness plan look like?

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