An image of a phone, watch, wallet and coins beside a laptop on a white surface.


Thousands of acres, square feet of land stretching on into the middle distance. The hum of the limousine, the roar of the sports car, that smell of a luxury leather interior, freshly cleaned. Crisp linen suits on matching hangers. Gold watches, designer logos, the 925 stamp of sterling silver.

We learn the concept of luxury as children. Family, friends, and television sets whisper the vagaries of luxury to us. Children, their big pupils wide with intrigue, sit at tablets or phone screens and take in the concept of luxury before they even comprehend the full scale of the alphabet. Social media stars hold thick wedges of cash, in sums so vast that it seems almost meaningless. Inside, we are learning something- there is luxury, somewhere, and if we don’t have it we must, at least, have the ambition to find it.

We think of luxury in things. We think of it in the form of acquisition, accumulation. How much we can own, and how the image of those things will change us. Luxury goods, luxury hotels, luxury retail, luxury lifestyle. We have come to equate these things with joy. The strange sensation that to buy more is to live better, to own more space is to live more freely, to appear more wealthy is to be more wealthy.

What would happen if we thought of luxury in time, in joy, in companionship? How would we redefine our ambitions in order to have more time, joy, and companionship? Our work might turn from forty hour weeks into half of that time, our finances might allow us that extra coffee with friends- instead of yet another pair of expensive work shoes.

Thousands of minutes of time, instead of acres of land- those minutes of time allow you the moments to spend looking at the sunset out on a hill, instead of behind an office window. The time to spend walking, or hitching rides, instead of money spent on a vast and expensive car. Time, not timepieces. Conversations with friends, phone calls, laughter, days out in the sun. This is luxury. To be free and joyous in the present moment is luxury.

What is luxury to you? How will you redefine luxury in your life?

Featured image: Rumman Amin via Unsplash.

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