An image of a laptop, notebook, and phone on a wooden surface.


The strong brewed coffee scent in the morning, with dappled sunlight shining in through the net curtain. Sometimes, the rush of news feels far away, and for a minute life just happens. The planes whir in the sky outside, and you tap away at the keyboard with no urgency.

Each week, it’s important to take time to reflect on success. Here’s this week’s highlights from the minimum man:

Travelling Without a Car

Highways in the sunset. Those long expanses of asphalt. Long days in hot cars sometimes don’t feel as romantic as the concept of ‘road trips’ make it seem. Travelling without a car feels like an impossibility for many, but the reality is that travelling on foot and via public transport can be an even more impressive and romantic journey as a road trip. For the non-drivers, hitchhikers, train hoppers- to travel without a car is standard procedure, but it’s also a joy. No focus on the gas pedal, just a great expanse of the world right at your window seat.

Gifts and Attachments

Gifts and rewards can be made up of things, or experiences. What we are given as gifts, impacts what we value in the future. What we gain as rewards, we learn to find significance in- as children, this impact is heightened, as we receive gifts from others we are learning, all the while, this is what’s important, this is what a reward feels like. Gifts of things indicate to us that to acquire things, is to be rewarded. Prioritising acquisition can result in lack of connection, disengagement, and a one-sided relationship with objects. Experiences necessitate connection with others, involvement with family and friends, in a way which items do not. Ultimately, though, it’s about recognising how we are impacted by our past experiences of gifts, and using our knowledge to mould ourselves into who we want to be.

Overcoming Fear

Too many thoughts, pulling us down into the deep sea of fear- the preoccupation with what might happen. We react, we try to be safe, we try to avoid the things which cause us fear. We avoid things because of the ‘what ifs’. Whether we’re afraid of the dentist, phone calls, confrontation, or change- we often have to purse the things which we fear, in order to live a good life and stay well. When we talk about fear, we often talk about tackling it but, instead, we should talk about breaking it down into the past and the future which we’re living in. If we take a moment to become present, that’s when we can separate ourselves from the fear.

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What are your highlights from the past week?

Featured image: Bram Naus via Unsplash.

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