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In the early days, it’s easy to keep up momentum with minimalism, always something new to declutter, more bags of things to donate, more recycling to be done. Smooth, clear surfaces, and the peace of mind that comes with a newly minimal space. Then, after a while, a few years down the long line of a minimalist life, you lose momentum. You’re not sure where to go with it all, what to do next, how to keep going. Here’s how to get that momentum back:


A clear floor, surfaces neat and organised, everything organised, nothing more to do. But inside the drawers, in the under-bed storage, there’s usually something left. Something which we’ve avoided tackling until now, until we finally decide to do the mini-declutter. Emptying out a drawer can be a huge task, especially when the rest of a room feels like a much greater challenge. Sometimes, you have to make a mess to fix a mess- the best way to clear out small spaces is to take everything out of it’s usual hiding place, and to put back only the objects you really need.

Put your efforts into sustainability

Sometimes we just need somewhere to put our focus, some way to remind ourselves of the importance behind minimalism. So, perhaps you’ve got far in minimalism, decluttered everything you need to, and you need something new to consider. Sustainability is key, and for many people, goes hand in hand with minimalism. Once you have more time, and are spending less time on minimising things, that’s when you can focus on your future of buying- making sure that you make sustainable choices in the purchases you make. Whether it’s changing bathroom products, cleaning products, buying clothing secondhand, or finding other ways to limit plastic waste- choosing to make sustainable changes in your life is a great way to keep up momentum on a minimal journey.

Focus on your Minimal Mindset

When the external, physical space has been minimised, it’s time to minimise the internal space. A minimal mindset is not something accomplished overnight, and requires consistent work and patience with yourself. In fact, it’s a task with no end- whether you think of it as an ultimate peace state, or as simply not overthinking, whatever a minimal mindset looks like for you will inevitably require discipline, care, and setting boundaries for yourself. It goes hand in hand with physical decluttering and minimalism, and is a great way to set yourself back on track with a focus which leads to furthering your physical minimalism, refining your space, and feeling more present.

What do you do to regain momentum in your minimalist journey?

Featured image: Roxanne Joncas via Unsplash.


  1. Great post : ) I have been thinking about this a lot lately, after achieving what I set out to do – decluttering enough that me and my family were able to downsize and become financially better off. Your point of thinking more about sustainability resonated with me: I have decided that this year, I am going to put my efforts into living more sustainably, including using up everything I have before re-purchasing items, and putting my energy into the passions I wanted to pursue before I began simplifying. Thanks for your suggestions! : )

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    1. It’s great that you’ve been able to use decluttering to downsize and improve your financial situation- what an achievement! Those are great aims for the future- thank you for sharing and good luck with your sustainability journey. -Jay

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