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The months blend into each other, frothed milk poured over espresso shots, mingling together. Some weeks feel vibrant and significant, others feel underwhelming- all the while the news sprawls headlines which last only a day or two in their relevance, before fading into insignificance.

Each week, though, there’s always time to reflect on the successes and highlights- here’s a rundown of the past week on the minimum man:

Toxic Productivity

Busy. It’s good to be busy, right? We aim for constant activity, productivity. We have schedules and checklists and an endless sense of urgency. When we don’t, we pretend that we do, in the hope that it doesn’t seem that we aren’t working hard enough. But productivity isn’t everything. Even in the world of self-development, productivity shouldn’t be our sole goal. The implication of all of this is that, to be human is to be productive, and we must fulfil our productivity quota. Instead, we should create boundaries to take time off in order to live a healthy, and truly productive, life.

Reassessing Concepts of Risk

When we think of risk, we often think of something big- a rare part of our lives, something to consider carefully before we take it. The reality is something different though: we take risks all the time. We believe that our daily lives are just, the norm, and anything which feels big and scary or potentially exciting to us, that’s the risk. But to watch TV for three hours has it’s risks, and to change career has it’s risks- each is a type of risk with different potential outcomes. It’s about reassessing our concept of risk so that we can choose to take risks with bigger potential positive payoffs, that’s what can benefit our experiences in the present and future.

How to Regain Momentum with Minimalism

Initially, minimalism feels fast and simple- full decluttering bags, donation piles, days of organisation. Clear surfaces and rooms with simple furnishings feel like a breath of fresh air. Once we’ve got to a point in minimalism where we feel that there’s nothing big to accomplish, it can be demotivating. We lose momentum, find that we feel like there’s nothing more to achieve. To regain momentum: focus on your minimal mindset- remember that it’s not only an external lifestyle, but an internal one too. Taking some time to consider sustainability, or to go on a mini-declutter of that one closet space you’ve been avoiding, are other good ways to keep up with your progress in minimalism.

What has your week looked like?

Featured image: Jessica Lewis via Unsplash.

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