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Some weeks something crashes into your life from out of the blue, something you knew you needed, something you didn’t realise you were waiting for. The coffee is strong and bitter, the day is bright and shining, all at once everything feels full of possibility. Those weeks, the mundanity of the news and the ticking of the clock isn’t so bothersome, the minutes fly past and the overwhelm of media feels like something small in the background.

Here are the highlights from this past week on the minimum man:

Thoughts on Sustainability

Sustainable choices go hand in hand with minimalism, but they take time, effort, research, and compromise. Sustainability can feel difficult at first- finding replacements, budgeting, finding sustainable retailers. We’ve become complacent when it comes to making convenient but unsustainable choices. The result? A life of waste, low-quality products, and buying regrets. When we choose sustainability we choose high-quality, careful purchases which we can be proud of.

Inspiration and Originality

We’re all inspired by something. Down there in the belly of our subconscious, we live various moments of our lives inspired by things we hope to emulate in new ways. Social media, though, has us feeling that true originality involves no inspiration from others- in a world of copyright infringement and intellectual property, we feel confined. That confinement makes us dull- better to be inspired, and to honour that inspiration, than to avoid doing, and becoming, what we dream of.

Thoughts on Apocalypse Preppers

The apocalypse fascinates us all- those vast images of cities, derelict and crumbling, overtaken by nature, the silent streets and the boarded windows. But are apocalypse preppers onto something, or are they doomed for an anticlimax? Apocalypse preppers base much of their life around one thing: fear. They live for what could be around the corner, the prospect of waking up to a wasteland. Of course, we all consider the future and what it may bring. The important thing, though, apocalypse prepper or not, is to stay present while being mindful of the future and to live our lives based on something other than fear- something closer to joy.

How has your week looked? What were your highlights?

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Featured image: Annie Spratt via Unsplash.

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