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Through the morning coffees all the way to the afternoon walks, the days roll by- each one allowing a unique chance for us to change how we interact with the world. Each week we walk through the days with the capacity to challenge ourselves, change our perceptions, and open ourselves up to new experiences.

Here’s the rundown of topics from this past week on the minimum man:

Local Exploration

From winding paths to city streets, local exploration has been the only possible kind of exploration for many of us over the past year. It can result in a feeling that we’ve experienced all that is possible of our local space- but that’s rarely the case. There’s always somewhere new to explore, a new way to look at the spaces around us and explore them as though they were a faraway land. When we explore locally, we allow ourselves to experience familiarity through a new lens.

Minimalism & Maximalism

Minimalism and maximalism aren’t so much polar opposites as they are two sides of the same coin. Born out of a sense of control over personal space and reflection of value, both minimalism and maximalism are about internal and external worlds and their impact on one another. Though minimalism may appear the most controlled of the two, with it’s aesthetics of empty space and carefully chosen items, maximalism holds much the same concept- control through external factors.

Thoughts on Jordan Peterson

An influential icon, a controversial figure, infamous, at the end of it all- just a person with positive factors along with flaws, presenting their views to the world. Jordan Peterson, like any of us, is multi-faceted. His convincing delivery and pervasive confidence is something to be admired, but his argument topics leave much to be desired. Peterson, and figures like him, are worthy of considering in a balanced light, as they enable us to question our views. It is worth recognising that no person, be them Peterson or his enemies, is a hero or a villain.

What successes are you reflecting on this week?

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Featured image: Nikita Vantorin via Unsplash.

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