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Some weeks are full of things, the overwhelm of life and the roar of news, the fast-paced workdays and weekends which seem to only last for a minute. Others are slow, we wade through the concrete of each twenty-four hours and wait for more interesting times. But each week, if we take some time to reflect on our successes, then we create a moment of positive meditation no matter the wider situation.

Here’s this week’s highlights on the minimum man:

Considering Travel

Travel changes us, right? We return from trips away a little different than we left, we find new aspects of ourselves, pieces of us which we didn’t realise existed. Is it necessary to travel in order to find the change and self-development which we seek? Perhaps it’s not the travel itself which changes us, but rather the perspective which we bring to our lives and experiences which we allow ourselves to change WHEN we travel. It is not the travel which is in control of our change, but us.

Building Positive Habits

Adding workout routines and lemon water into the rush of the workday, commute, and social time of regular life can feel challenging. Positive habits are often shown as part of an existing routine, each habit interspersed into influencer life in an almost pinpoint perfect way. Consistency is key, but we often don’t know how to reach that consistency, because we’re not even sure of how to start in the first place. We can start by keeping our checklists of habits within our work diary, prioritising positive habits as an essential part of our life- just as essential as the meetings and paperwork. It’s about combining the habits we’d like to build within our life, rather than as part of a life we don’t yet possess.

Upgrading Interpersonal Skills

Suggestions of how to improve networking opportunities are everywhere. There’s everything from LinkedIn connection courses to detailed videos exploring ways to optimise social interactions. Rarely is the dreaded phrase ‘unconscious bias’ mentioned, unless it’s a quick training video in your first week of a new job. Yet, our unconscious bias limits our interpersonal skills, makes us less likely to be empathetic towards others, and reduces our capacity for social connection. Unconscious bias is inevitable, no matter our upbringing or background, but if we work towards recognising and resolving it we can upgrade our interpersonal skills in a real and tangible way.

What are the highlights of your week?

Featured image: Nathan Van Egmond via Unsplash.

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