An image of a calendar page showing '2021'.


Things move fast. Some days, the flurry of work is all too much; other days, it’s the flurry of life which seems to speed past. Finding that balance, and keeping it in check, is something to strive for. The coffee machine whirs away, that bitter scented air calling in the morning rush. The calendar is full, the diary a checklist. Sometimes, though, it’s important to simply step away from it all. A hiatus with clear boundaries can allow us to move beyond burnout and to move towards a peaceful mindset for a while. Sometimes a hiatus allows us to get ahead, and other times it’s a simple break from work for a while.

Minimum Man is on hiatus for two weeks. This post is part of a the ‘short thoughts’ series, cutting down on quantity and focusing solely on little pieces of ambient thought.

Is it time for you to take a hiatus? How will you spend it?

Featured image: Behnam Norouzi via Unsplash.

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