An image of four blank price or gift tags on a plain background.


Dollar signs, pound signs, postage costs, shining images of items which sit in virtual bidding wars. These online retail outlets, manned by thousands of sellers, may as well have seedy neon signs leading to basements. Always a scam close by, and always someone being ripped off. It often seems like more hassle than it’s worth. Yet, we can be drawn to the potential of selling all of our possessions and gaining the money to make a new start.

When it comes to selling things, we can easily feel weighed down by the incredible burden of things which were once ours, things which we once loved. It can feel daunting, to let those things go in such a deliberate way. At one extreme, we might even feel like we are traitors to our past selves. The act of selling can be more mentally challenging than simply donating, as we are left with the jobs of promoting, packaging and mailing our items.

Perhaps there’s something in it, though, the concept of selling (almost) everything we own. Plenty of people are doing it, digital marketplaces swarming with the ancient possessions of each of us. The act of selling our things, particularly via the ever-social marketplaces of Facebook, eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist- just to name a few- can actually aid our path to minimalism.

When we are able to perceive a new home for our old things, when we are able to see the positive impact of something we no longer need, it can benefit us. We can recognise that there is still a place for these things, that they still have value. Value, of course, is not determined by monetary gain, but rather by significance and usability of an item.

With each possession sold, each new space in a drawer or storage space, you’re a little more free. As each item finds its new home, their value is regained while your space is broadened.

Do you sell possessions alongside donation in your path to minimalism? Do you find selling items benefits you?

Featured image: Angele Kamp via Unsplash.

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