Three sets of hands holding up drinks, two cups of coffee and one cold beverage.


The first year of the minimum man is coming to an end. It’s been an incredible experience, creating posts on self-development, travel, and minimalism and discussing important topics with a community of likeminded people. To continue on with the success of the minimum man, I’m looking for your help.

To make it short and simple, to maintain the domain and posts for another year I’m hoping to raise £36 ($48). If you’ve enjoyed posts from over the past year, if they have helped to inform or entertain, or to make you feel connected- please consider contributing. You can help by either making a one-time contribution of any amount (securely links to or through becoming a member of the minimum man on Patreon for £3 per month (cancel anytime) which gives you some extra benefits!

If just 10% of people reading this contributed £2 we could meet the goal! Anyone who contributes is invited to request topics they would like to read about over the next year- you’ll be credited for your contribution.

Thank you for reading, for being a part of this community for the past year, and for helping it to continue. -JD

Featured image: Nathan Dumalo via Unsplash.

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