An image of a diary calendar on a surface, with a cup of black coffee and small dish of paperclips.


Some successes are dazzling shooting stars, bursting through the blackness for a moment- a sudden display of brightness, brief and impressive. Other successes are slow, far off stars burning away in the distance, existing as they do and eventually shining brighter when they come closer, or when the time is right.

Many of us struggle to make small consistent steps toward success. So, instead, we run towards something quick, something dazzling, something simple. We put our money in short term investment holds, instead of long term bonds; we put our energy into short term projects, holding off from the long term- because the steps in the long term can feel meaningless, because they are without instant gratification.

It is false to say that no successes are made overnight, though these kinds of success are often limited, if not limiting. Consistency allows us to work towards long term success, and this consistency enables us to feel as though each small piece of effort and energy is for something. Consistency offers us the instant gratification of small successes- if only we allow ourselves to recognise it as such.

To be consistent is to check in, to work on something daily even when it feels like it’s going nowhere. It’s to follow one long road and to believe that something good is at the end, even when you can’t see it.

Are you consistent? How can you find consistency in your life?

Featured image via Unsplash.

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